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ParcelCube 900XL

Capture the weight and dimensions of parcels and boxes

Benefits & Features

Automatically input measurements into your Warehouse Management System

Easily input measurements into courier software

Check inbound transport costs

Determine outbound transport costs

Optimise storage space

Optimise pallet space

Product Specifications

  • Physical dimensions: L 880mm x W 880mm x H 1130mm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Min. measuring capacity: L 40mm x W 40mm x H 20mm
  • Max. measuring capacity: L 820mm x W 820mm x H 940mm
  • Min. weight capacity: 0.05kg
  • Max. weight capacity: 55kg

Optional Extras

ParcelCube Mobile Cart
Bring your fixed measuring and packing station portable. The Mobile Cart is ideal for measuring parcels and products on the move, eliminating the need to walk from one end of your warehouse to the other
Handheld Barcode Scanner
Use a barcode scanner to trigger the ParcelCube and automatically capture the barcode number specific to the product or parcel you are measuring.
Integrating a ParcelCube with a label printer using BarTender label design software allows you to automatically print labels featuring the data captured by the ParcelCube.
Installing a webcam to the ParcelCube grants you the facility to photograph each product or parcel you measure. This is particularly useful for double checking short consignments.

Parcelcube Dimensioning System

Parcelcube Warehouse Automation

The ParcelCube 900XL was designed following a sudden need for a dimensioning system within the former company of the lead engineer. It quickly became clear how incredibly useful they were, but also costly.

Using their incredible engineering expertise, the ParcelCube was born.
A robust, accurate, and cost-efficient alternative.

Using ultrasonic sensing technology, the ParcelCube 900XL is the perfect solution for fast paced environments where manual measuring and weighing is a burden.